Saturday, January 21, 2012


 Confuzzled : adj.) Being both confused and puzzled; clueless or unclear.

Ok, well you should all know it isn't a real word, but I was confuzzled all day today. It began with waking up early, yet not knowing what the plans were for the day. We knew we were to be leaving early, but weren't sure exactly what time that was. Furthermore, it's Sunday, and whatever our plans were for the day, would interrupt worship services. If you ask me, that's pretty "confuzzling."

Our plans to go hiking were canceled, as it was raining, and quite dreary out. Instead, we met and headed back to the War Memorial Museum for a second shot at it. This time, we got in, and watched an awesome "Maori Cultural Experience" show. The Maori culture seems to still be strong in this area, and after watching the movie "Whale Rider" for class, it was cool to see the real thing.

After exploring the museum a bit, we headed into the city to get new SIM cards for our phones, so that we would be able to use them here in New Zealand. On the way back to the room, we ended up completely lost and had to get a taxi to take us back to the hotel. Yet again, confuzzled.

A house seen while we were lost
Dark and Dreary

Remember, I missed worship this morning, right? Well online, they said there was a 6pm service. As much as I disliked skipping one service, just to go to the other instead, it was the option I had. So, I hired another taxi, and went to the church building. Unfortunately, the website was wrong, and there was no one at the building. CONFUZZLED.

What could possibly bring my life back into order, and away from all the confusing, puzzling, and downright annoying events of the day? A&W Root Beer. That's right folks, I found some Root Beer in an Asian market in Auckland. Life is back in order, and I'm ready to take on tomorrow's adventures!

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  1. It sounds so wonderful. Enjoy your time in New Zealand. I look forward to reading all about it.