Monday, January 23, 2012

One Tree Hill ain't just on the CW!

I've been abroad too long, and haven't heard "ain't" and "y'all" quite as much as I'm used to. I need to fix this, as it is a part of who I am!! Y'all ain't neva gonna b'lieve where I went t'day.

First, we visited with faculty members and grad students from Auckland University. They spoke to us about what programs are offered at their institution, and also gave us a short tour of their wide expanse of a campus. Although this was all interesting, it was not the most exciting part of my day. (Sorry to the professors reading this, but I'm just being honest!)

We went to Albert Park on our tour

After a brief respite, the group rejoined and we changed gears. Sitting in a room hearing someone talk was great and all, but hiking through New Zealand pasture was even better. We went up to "One Tree Hill." This, as many of you well know, is a TV show aired on the CW, a station previously known as WB. That said, this is not the same One Tree Hill. We hiked up to the top of the hill, where there was not one tree, but many. I am not sure where the name came from, but still, the view was gorgeous. The setting on my camera was for B&W, and I didn't realize this for awhile. None the less, the photos still turned out great! The sheep were quietly grazing, and the wind was sweeping through the tall grasses. I stood and just watched the wind play with the grass. It's a beautiful thing, that one cannot even attempt to catch in the still frame of a camera. This world, and it's creator, continue to amaze me as I travel through this foreign land!

After this journey was complete, we were given leave to do "whatever" until 8:30pm, when we would then meet at the base of the Auckland Sky Tower. By "whatever," there are only two legitimate choices. EAT or SLEEP. I mean, there is plenty to do in New Zealand, but eating are sleeping are all most of us care about after being away from home, running around, getting lost, and staying out too late, for over 30 days.

We entered the sky tower, just in time to watch the sun set. Looking out over the city, with the sun setting on the horizon, was absolutely amazing.

While in the sky tower, you can vaguely see the bullseye that is down below. Tomorrow, I plan to jump off the Sky Tower, and land (Lord willing), on that bullseye. 

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