Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go Green or Go Home

New Zealand is... Green. The view from the plane was absolutely breath-taking as we soared across remote areas of this gorgeous land. The airlines here are a bit more strict on the use of electronics, so even though my phone was in airplane mode, I didn't try to take pictures of the ground below us. The trees, plants, grasses, shrubs and flowers are all blooming, and thriving in the amazing climate of Auckland. Everywhere you look, something green is staring back at you.

Our accommodations here in Auckland are very nice, and we finally have a real kitchen!

We walked around a bit as a group, in search of the War Museum, but upon finding it, realized some event was being held there. I'm not sure exactly what the deal was, but we just sat around and enjoyed the view for a bit, while taking pictures of course, before heading back towards "home" in a quest to find something to eat. A few of us ended up at a great little Japanese restaurant, where we hung out for a bit before returning to the hotel. These first hours in New Zealand were rather uneventful, but still amazing.

War Museum
The sun was just beginning to set

A part of the "event" that prevented our entrance to the museum.

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