Friday, January 6, 2012

Our day began a little earlier today, though not so early as to kill anyone. We began our journey to the “top” of mount Coot-Tha, to a wonderful look out. I enjoyed a lemon Callipo, and ended up taking a bus back down to the city, instead of trekking back downhill. Until 5:30 pm, I slept, ate, watched TV, and just RELAXED! This not only helped my knees recover from the morning’s hike, but also refreshed me so that I may push on into this weekends activities. 

5:30 came fast, and we met as a class to learn the rules of cricket. While still utterly confused, we headed across the street to the cricket field, and watched an amazing game. In the beginning, we sat around, not understanding anything, but by the middle of the game, us Americans were screaming and cheering the same as the Aussies surrounding us. Even understanding the game, it got boring, so we went back to the hotel to plan out our free days that were rapidly approaching. While planning our lodging, we turned the TV to the cricket match, and watched as the Hurricanes brought their score up to 198, while the Brisbane Heat had 201. There was one pitch left, in the last over of the match, and the Hurricanes needed to hit the ball out of the perimeter of the field. The bowler threw the ball, the hitter cracked it nicely, and... CAUGHT! The Brisbane Heat kept the last ball from going out, preventing the Hurricanes from winning. In our hotel room, us students cheered as we saw the Heat player retrieve the ball so skillfully. One said, “I can’t believe we won!” That’s right folks, the Brisbane Heat are OUR team! 

We have decided to go to Surfers Paradise for a weekend full of fun in the sun. I plan to go snorkeling, and to fix these tans lines I have after just a week in Australia. I don’t plan to update this until we’ve finished our free day adventure weekend, but will fill all of you in soon! 

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