Thursday, January 12, 2012

If today was your last day...

If today was your last day, what would you do? In Brisbane, that is. Today was our final day in Brisbane, and I spent it... at the library. That's right folks, I did RESEARCH! I, unfortunately, was unable to find as much as I was hoping to find, but it was still an interesting time. On the way to the library, I dropped some stuff off at the post office, and went to a local cafe for brunch. Upon arriving at the library, I began some hard work, researching Facebook, and FaceTime. I needed the time laughing and cutting up with a friend back home, but eventually had to get back to work.

Hours later, I came back to the hotel to prepare for our class' journey around Brisbane. We studied 5-6 bridges, out of the 15+ that Brisbane uses. I didn't have much input on the structures, as I honestly had no clue what much of what was said meant. Since I'm not a Building Science major, I've never really had to study bridges, loads, stress points, or anything of the sort. I can say, after this evening, that I did learn a bit about bridges in general, as well as about Brisbane's bridges specifically.

We finished up with the bridge walks/tours, and went to a Japanese restaurant down in "The Valley." Harajuku Gyoza, was it's name, and there was a line coming out through the front door. This obviously meant it was the place to go, so we posted up in line and waited. Gyoza is a Japanese Dumpling, and we all know I love anything Japanese! After a short while, we were seated, and began ordering some dumplings. A line on their menu stated, "You are thirsty and your appetite is big like Godzilla." Luckily, I only needed a few dumplings, and not enough to feed Godzilla. The meal was delicious, and well worth the wait. The best part, was that whenever people ordered Saki, the entire restaurant would start yelling, "Saki!", as the waiters poured the shots. This was quite entertaining, and it's always nice to have a reason to start yelling across a restaurant. Normally when I do that, I get strange looks...


  1. I am enjoying your blog!! I am glad to see that you are actually studying while there as needed!! lol. You probably spent more time in the library there than you ever have in Auburn. Ouch - I know that had to have hurt.

    Love you bunches!

    1. You are correct... I spent way more time there! Then again, that library was amazing... Write that sounded nerdy. Love and miss you! Thanks for liking my blog... That is your job...

  2. Emily, I am enjoying your blog.