Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feel the burn baby.

Our day began much earlier than the usual, as we departed for the train station at 6:30. After a 2 hour train ride, we arrived in Katoomba, to begin our adventure. We walked to Echo Point where I looked out over the Blue Mountains. The view was gorgeous, but I wanted to see more.
G'day Mate

 Well, I saw some stairs. Something cool must be down there... They were steep stairs, but no big deal right? WRONG. There were, in total, approximately 900 extremely steep, and very uneven, stairs. That's not a number I'm pulling out of thin air. That is how many there were! After that, we hiked at least 6 miles, and at most 8, throughout the Blue Mountains. Our group climbed onto a huge outcrop of stone, for a photo-op. War Eagle!
The Group

After coming close to DEATH (slight exaggeration) we hiked back to a spot where the steepest railway in the world took us back to the top of Echo Point. It cost $11, but it was well worth avoiding 900 steps up a steep staircase. One professor and a few students had decided to go up those steps, so while awaiting their arrival back in Katoomba, the group that chickened out and paid $11 for the railway went to a restaurant to eat. There, I had the opportunity to try a Kangaroo burger. It was quite tasty, though slightly chewy. They prepared it more like steak, but I found it to be delicious!

The train ride back to Sydney was much better, due to the fact that I slept the whole way. My muscles are very sore, but that means my body worked hard! Pain is just weakness leaving the body... Well, that's a lie, but really it's nice knowing that I was able to make it through the experience. Those that knew me before college, can understand why I gained immense satisfaction with myself. All my reasons for losing so much weight came back and slapped me in the face. The trip reminded me of why I live and eat the way I do, and will ensure that I continue!

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